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Marlborough Man Arrested For Theft

A local Marlborough man was arrested on Sunday after breaking into several cars.

Two victims contacted police after being notified by their bank that a purchase had been made with one of their cards at a nearby gas station. The pair then went to the gas station to observe video footage of Adriel "AJ" Serrano, 23, using one of the cards to purchase several sandwiches. The attendant confirmed to police that Serrano then walked across the street to an apartment complex, where he was found with several of the stolen items in plain sight on a table.

Police were able to obtain camera footage of the robbery taking place, and observed that Serrano had also broken into a second car. They were able to recover some of the personal items stolen and return them to the third victim.

Back in May, Serrano was previously arrested after surveillance footage showed him damaging at least 7 vehicles in the Marlborough area. He was later found on Lincoln Street carrying a 3-foot piece of wood, and faced a long list of charges including seven counts of vandalism, larceny and disorderly conduct.

Serrano is currently facing multiple charges for the string of recent thefts, including identity fraud, two counts of breaking & entering, and larceny.

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