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Marlborough Man Arrested For Car Theft

MARLBOROUGH- A local man was arrested just before 11PM on Thursday after police say he revved his engine and ran a red light on Pleasant Street in front of a police officer.

Daniyomal Carmona-Diaz, 22, told the officer he didn't have a license but did have a Massachusetts ID when he was pulled over for running the light, and that the Blue Mitsubishi Lancer he was driving belonged to a friend. After further investigation, police found the plate number attached to the car instead matched a Chevy Blazer out of Framingham, and the VIN number matched a car of the same color, make and model that was reported stolen by ABC Auto Brokers also in Framingham.

Carmona-Diaz is now facing multiple charges including receiving a stolen motor vehicle, attaching wrong plates, red light violation, and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

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