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Marlborough Woman Faces Attempted Kidnapping Charges

FRAMINGHAM-It all started over a stolen carton of cigarettes, and now a Marlborough woman is facing charges of attempted kidnapping.

Police say 40 year old Samantha Salmons, Marlborough, kidnapped the 25 year old victim after she had spent the night in Salmons' SUV the night before. The victim had allegedly taken off with the vehicle to pick up a male friend, who left with the carton of cigarattes. When Salmons discovered the theft, she allegedly became irate and grabbed the victim by her throat forcing her back into the car to sell her X-Box in exchange for a new box of cigarettes. As they were driving down the road, the victim was able to text 911 for help. Police intercepted the car at the corner of Fox Hill and Pleasant Streets in Framingham, and Salmons is now facing a long list of charges.

To learn more, watch the full video below:

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