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Man Arrested On Multiple Warrants With Class A Substance

MARLBOROUGH- A Framingham man taken into custody this week by Marlborough police with multiple outstanding warrants is adding several charges to his arrest.

Police received a tip that 31-year-old Antonio Brandao was seen driving near the area of The Point At Marlborough Apartments, who was wanted on multiple outstanding warrants. Police were able to catch up to the car and performed a routine traffic stop which lead to his arrest. As Brandao was in the backseat of the cruiser, the arresting officer noticed he seemed to be shifting around uncomfortably with a loose white powder coming from one of his pockets. The officer called for a hazmat team to investigate the substance, which was tested and confirmed to be fetanyl. Brandao was also found to have a light brown powder in another pocket which officers believe to be heroin.

Brandao was taken to the station to be processed while the cruiser was taken out of service for the evening and disinfected. He is now facing multiple charges including Malicious Destruction of Property and Possession of a Class A Drug.

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