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Marlborough Residents, DPW Combat Litter

MARLBOROUGH- Littering is a problem Marlborough residents and the DPW face everyday. Since DPW crews cannot be everywhere all the time, they are helping out residents who take it upon themselves to help clean up the city.

Residents who wish to pick up trash can stop by the DPW located at 135 Neil St. for large yellow trash bags. The DPW can also provide residents with gloves if needed. Assistant Commissioner of Operations at the DPW, Ted Scott, reminds residents not to pick up any needles or items they are unsure about. When in doubt, call the police or the DPW to come pick it up instead. After collecting, call the DPW at 508-624-6910. A crew will come pick up the filled bags for you.

Scott said that the bright colored bags serve a purpose. Other than helping crews locate the bags they need to pick up, it serves as a reminder to residents that people are picking up other people's trash.

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