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Chamber Spotlight on Schooley Mitchell - Saving Businesses Money and Building Community

Spotlight on Schooley Mitchell - Saving Businesses Money and Building Community

Hello everyone! I'm Steve Messinio, President and CEO of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce. Welcome to another episode of "Member Spotlight." Today, I am delighted to have Brian Plain from Schooley Mitchell with us. Brian and his team are relatively new to our chamber, but they have already made a significant impact by actively participating in our events and volunteering as ambassadors. Today, I'm pleased to have Brian on the show to share some insights into his business and how they serve the community.

Introducing Schooley Mitchell and Their Mission

Brian starts by expressing his gratitude for being featured on the show and talks about Schooley Mitchell's active engagement with the local community. At Schooley Mitchell, their primary mission is to help businesses reduce costs related to central expenses like credit cards, waste, merchant services, shipping, and software products such as Microsoft and Adobe.

He explains that their unique approach involves working on a contingency basis. They carefully review a company's three months' worth of statements related to various cost categories. If they can identify savings, they present the business owner with a free value report, providing them with a clear picture of potential cost reductions.

The Power of Savings for Businesses

Brian emphasizes that Schooley Mitchell acts as an independent party, representing 26,000 businesses. This position allows them to negotiate better pricing and take advantage of competitive discounts in the marketplace. The result is that Schooley Mitchell helps businesses find "missing money" in their expenses. Many business owners lack the time or inclination to meticulously analyze their expenses, leading to potential overpayments.

Inflationary environments can be especially challenging for businesses, with unexpected price hikes that eat into profit margins. By leveraging Schooley Mitchell's expertise, businesses can gain peace of mind, knowing they are fully optimized and getting the best pricing available.

Engaging with the Local Community and Volunteering

Brian also shares his experience of actively engaging with the Marlborough community as an ambassador for the chamber. Through outreach efforts, he aims to understand local businesses' needs and successes better. He appreciates the strong sense of community in Marlborough, with businesses generously supporting local schools and children's causes.

Overcoming Resistance and the Value of Schooley Mitchell's Service

Steve raises the question of why some businesses resist the idea of seeking help to manage expenses. Brian explains that business owners often believe they are already getting the best deals and may be reluctant to consider outside assistance. However, Schooley Mitchell's no-obligation, contingency-based approach allows businesses to explore potential cost savings with minimal investment of time.

Identifying Target Sectors and Ideal Referral Partners

Brian identifies three sectors where Schooley Mitchell's services can make a significant impact: restaurants, food and beverages, manufacturing, and the brewing industry, which encompasses both high manufacturing costs and food services. Additionally, they assist companies with software as a service (SaaS) needs, particularly those with more than 50 employees in Microsoft or Adobe.

He also points out that ideal referral partners for Schooley Mitchell include bookkeepers, CPAs, business attorneys, and insurance brokers—professionals who work closely with businesses and understand their financial operations.

How to Connect with Schooley Mitchell

Brian wraps up the interview by providing contact information for Schooley Mitchell. Interested parties can reach them online at or by phone at 508-266-5814.

In conclusion, Brian Plain and Schooley Mitchell are not only focused on helping businesses save money but are also actively engaged in building a strong and supportive community in Marlborough. Their contingency-based approach makes it easy for businesses to explore potential cost savings with little risk. So, if you're a business owner looking to optimize your expenses and enhance your profitability, consider reaching out to Schooley Mitchell today.

Thank you for joining us for this Member Spotlight! Stay tuned for more exciting episodes as we continue to feature exceptional members of our vibrant business community.


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