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Downtown with Teona Brown: Megan from Jake's Coffee Shop

Check out this great video interview between Teona Brown and Megan Geer, two longtime Marlborough residents!  In this fun chat, Teona interviews Megan about growing up in Marlborough, her time working at the local Dunkin' Donuts and Jake's Coffee Shop, favorite teachers at Marlborough High School, childhood memories of the city's beloved Labor Day Parade, and more.

Megan has lived in Marlborough for over 30 years and provides great insight into life in the city. They also give a shoutout to Lucas and the crew at Jake's - sounds like it's a must-try for breakfast or lunch!

Whether you're from Marlborough or just love learning about local communities, this is an enjoyable watch. Tune in to get to know one of Marlborough's friendliest and most familiar faces a little better!

Watch the full video here:


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