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2023 Preliminary Mayoral Debate

Last night, the candidates vying for the position of Marlborough Mayor gathered for a debate, sponsored by the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce. Are you curious about their ideas and visions for our beloved city? This is your chance to get informed! Watch and learn more about the candidates' views on the critical issues that matter to you and our community. Your voice counts, Marlborough! Mark your calendars for the Preliminary Election on October 10th. It's an opportunity to make a difference and shape the future of our city. Stay engaged and stay informed. You can watch by clicking the link below, or watch the replay on WMCT-TV (Comcast 8/Verizon 34/2134 HD) At the following times:

Thursday 9/21 @ 11:30pm

Friday 9/22 @ 11am & 9pm

Saturday 9/23 @ 12pm & 7pm

Sunday 9/24 @ 5pm

Monday 9/25 @ 2pm

Tuesday 9/26 @ 11am

Wednesday 9/27 @ 7pm



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