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Premiere: Superintendent's Corner Back to School Episode!

The superintendent kicked things off by welcoming everyone back to school! She gave a preview of some of the fun orientation events happening for elementary and middle school kids.

For the little ones starting 1st through 5th grade, there's an Open Door day on August 29th where students can swing by their new classrooms to meet their teachers before the first day. Then the big first day of school is August 30th for grades 1-12.

Kindergarteners have their own special day on September 6th to ride the bus for the first time with mom or dad and get to know their teacher. Preschoolers get acquainted on September 5th.

The middle school principal talked about the big transition to 6th grade, where students switch classes and join academic teams. Kids get to explore awesome electives like band, chorus, art, and more.

The school is revamping their PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) system to set behavior expectations. A big focus this year will be on cell phone use and setting healthy limitations.

Exciting news - the cafeteria is getting a makeover with new equipment and menu options! And remember, all students can receive free breakfast and lunch.

Middle schoolers can stay after for sports, clubs, and activities. Late buses are available for those who stick around. Even in middle school, parents are encouraged to stay involved in their kid's education.


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