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Veterans' Voices - Episode 6

🎙️ Welcome to another compelling episode of Veterans Voices! In this month's edition, join us as we delve into the experiences of Vietnam Army veteran Ron Dalbec, sharing his unique journey and insights. Additionally, we pay tribute to the courageous United States Marine Corps Corporal William Leonard, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. 🇺🇸 Ron Dalbec, a Vietnam Army veteran, takes us through his early life in Worcester, enlistment right after high school, and his specialized role as a vet tech, caring for injured army dogs. Listen to his captivating stories from the field and his reflections on the deep connection between dog handlers and their loyal companions. 🎗️ We also honor the memory of Corporal William Leonard, who fearlessly fought in Vietnam. Learn about his heroic actions, which earned him a Silver Star, and how he selflessly put his life on the line for his fellow Marines. 👉 Don't miss out on this emotionally charged episode, filled with stories of bravery, sacrifice, and community support. Subscribe, like, and hit the notification bell to stay updated on more inspiring tales from our veterans. #VeteransVoices #VietnamVeterans #MilitaryHeroes #WarriorWithinYoga #TributeToService #NeverForget


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