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WMCT PREMIERE: John and Abigail Adams: Letters from Quarantine

The Greater Worcester Opera brings you a unique event - a dramatic reading of selected letters of American history's first "power couple". John and Abigail Adams both went through times of quarantine during the 18th century small pox epidemic - he shortly before their marriage, and she along with her 4 small children while her husband was helping birth the new country in Philadelphia. As expressed in their letters, they felt the pangs of isolation, fear, uncertainty and separation, much like the ones we've all been facing in the past months. Dramatically read by Todd Yard and Elaine Crane. Conceived and edited by Elaine Crane. Filmed and directed by Ryan Malyar, Executive Director of WMCT-TV, Marlborough. Featuring John Adams Theme from the opera MY DEAREST FRIEND, by Patricia Leonard (conducted by Sean Newhouse). You can see it Thursday @ 7pm on Xfinity Channel 8 and Verizon Fios 34, or anytime at this link:


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